Chores or Blessings?

As I work feverishly to get the house not only tidy but clean while the Wee Man naps I am getting frustrated.  Dang these beans stuck to my feet all day, why can’t he just leave them in the bucket?  Why am I always picking Craisins, Raisins, and Cheerios up off the floor?  When will he learn to put his toys away when he is done playing with them?  Why does my couch always seem like it is falling apart?  All these thoughts making me more and more frustrated as I work away at what seems to be the daily grind.  Honestly, I have no clue how on earth three people make THIS much laundry!

Then it hit me.  These are not things to be frustrated about.  These are some of life’s more simple blessings.  Those beans that have been dumped all over the floor for the umpteenth time, that is evidence of Wee Man learning and discovering.  He has a new form of fun every time we bring that sensory bin out and he finds new and exciting ways to play with the little surprises I have put in there for him.  All of those snacks on the floor, well I have provided my son with enough food so he doesn’t feel hungry anymore.  He has a full tummy and doesn’t feel the need to over eat because he doesn’t know when his next meal will come.  He knows his next meal will come when he asks for it.  All those toys all over the floor, well that is more discovering and learning in action.  The fact that I can’t keep the books on the shelf means that my boy loves to read and learn all about his world.  How can this be anything but a blessing?  The couch falling apart, well that is the result of our whole family gathering and playing on the couch.  Spending time together laughing, cuddling, and being a family.  Then that never ending pile of laundry, well that just means that we are too busy having fun to worry about how clean our clothes stay, and that we can afford to have extra clothes to keep us warm on the cold stormy days.

All in all these chores are my blessing in life.  They are a daily reminder of the wonderful life we are lucky to live together as a family.  Who could ask for anything more?  (Though don’t get me wrong some days it still frustrates the living daylights out of me when I can’t seem to get that dang pesky bean off my foot!)

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤

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