Where did September Go?

It is October 12 and I find myself trying ever so hard to think of where in the world September went for us?  And then I remember a little too clearly how hectic and busy September was for us and where it went too!  We started the month half way around the world in our ‘Other Home’ visiting with family and friends, celebrating the marriage of two of the most wonderful and amazing people in our lives (Christine and Michael Taylor), and exploring.  It all went so fast that when we got back to Canada on September 7 the whole two weeks had yet to sink in.  Wee Man and I then promptly lost a day to jet lag.  I honestly could not tell you for the life of me what happened that day.  We had most of a week as a family to wind down from the international travel in Campbell River before Daddy had to go back to Ocean Falls for work, though our winding down was more like ‘let’s do as much ‘city life’ stuff as we can while we are here before we head back to the middle of nowhere’.  We were running ourselves dry going to Strong Start, swimming, playing at parks, and generally getting in all the fun that we could before coming back to Ocean Falls where we have to make our own fun.  Mommy and Wee Man kept this up on our own when Daddy went back to work, and added in visiting, shopping, and the general craziness that is buying three months worth of groceries at once.  Then Daddy was back with us in Campbell River and it was time to load the car up and head to Port Hardy for the dreaded (okay Mommy is only one who is truly full of dread for this part) ferry ride home.  We were smart this time and went a night early and stayed at Uncle Patrick’s house in Port Hardy which really helped break things up a bit, and we had a portable DVD player!  Then all of sudden we were home and it was already September 25!  Since then the winding down from the ferry trip, unpacking, settling back into our life here has commenced, and it is only just now that things seems to have gotten somewhat back to normal.

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