Travel in My 20’s vs. Travel in My 30’s

After returning from our latest travel experience there are a few key differences I have noticed in my travel style as I have entered a new decade of life.

In My 20’s:

  • I am perfectly okay to sleep in an airport overnight if it means saving a few $’s
  • Accommodation is as close to free/ cheap as possible
  • Destinations, while touristy, are to be explored in the most unique way possible
  • Booking a vacation and leaving two weeks later is no big deal
  • Fast food, fast food, fast food (with the odd splurge on decent local cuisine)
  • A-B in one sitting, no big deal (ie car, ferry, airplane all in one go)
  •  Sleeping on a thin Therm-a-Rest on the cold hard ground is luxury
  • Be broke coming home
  • Staying out all hours of the night/ morning to get a unique view of the city
  • See as much as possible without feeling rushed anywhere

In My 30’s:

  • Airport hotels are so worth the money
  • Paying a little more for an extra comfortable bed that is clean isn’t a bad thing
  • Embrace the cheesy tourist within, everyone else is doing it and lets face it I have been too.  I am not a local and I don’t need to look/ act like one
  • Plan, plan, plan ahead
  • Good food is worth the money, as little grease as possible is the only way my stomach will survive an extended stay from home
  • See first bullet, Airport hotels are worth the money, so is taking your time getting to the destination (I have my Grammie and Papa to thank for this lesson!  They booked us our hotel in Vancouver so we could be well rested and not rushed before our flight)
  • A good bed, comfy mattress makes me a happy girl, luxury is now found in the rain shower, feather pillows, and cozy comforters of hotels
  • Make sure that coming home you can still live and travel the last legs of your trip comfortably (that Tims in the airport was so much better knowing it wasn’t my last $5)
  • Getting a full nights sleep is so worth missing the midnight views of the city
  • Get in the highlights and don’t worry about the rest.  This is my experience no one else’s and it doesn’t make it better to be able to knock off some long list of attractions we saw if I could’t appreciate any of them.

Now I don’t know how much of this change is from turning 30, how much of it is because we are now dragging a small child around with us as we go, and how much of this is a been there done that seeing most of this for a second time attitude, but there was a notable difference this time around.  We still like to do some things as cheaply as possible, not yet splurging on the extra cozy seats on the airplane, or first class cabin on the train, and we are into the mid-range hotels, as I said trips shouldn’t break the bank anymore.  The difference is in the planning.  By watching for sales, and being ready to book as soon as the price is right we are able to travel with a few more luxuries these days, and be more comfortable.

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