Growing Appreciation for our Home

It has been awhile yet again since I’ve sat down to record our adventures, but that my friends has come from the one adventure right after another life we have been living over the last few weeks.  If you’ve seen the countdown calendar on my homepage you will know that we are currently on our big family vacation to London and Scotland!  While that may be adventure enough for some I like to go big or stay home!  So Wee Man and I have (Daddy had to work) left Ocean Falls on August 13 to start our vacation early.  We first had the 10 hour ferry ride to Port Hardy that went so well.  Then a quick stop over for one night at Uncle Patrick’s house in Port Hardy before continuing on to Campbell River where we were meeting Grammie and Grand-paaa at Loveland Bay for Wee Man’s first camping trip.  We had so much fun playing in the lake and running around in the trees.  Mommy also took her first two nights away from Wee Man, which provided some much needed time to prepare for our big trip and quiet.  While Wee Man was camping with Grammie and Grand-paaa he got to experience so many firsts, kayaking, smores, campfires, so much fun was had by all.  After camping we had a few down days in Campbell River while we waited for Daddy to finish work.  Then it was time to start the biggest adventure our family has gone on so far.  We headed off to Vancouver for a night pre-flight (biggest thanks to my Grammie and Papa for that wonderful gift it made our day flying so much easier and shorter), and then we were off to London for three days of touristy fun.  We had so much fun exploring London and all loved our day in Salisbury and Stonehenge.  While we are happy we had that opportunity we were all so happy when we arrived here in Scotland yesterday.  It is so wonderful to be amongst family again.

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