Surviving the Weather

Well we are surviving our first batch of Thunder Storms here in Ocean Falls!  It has been something spectacular for sure.  Because we are in a small valley surrounded by mountains each clap of thunder sounds like the mountains are trying to move.  At times it can sound like the whole valley is just going to cave in on itself.  Never in my life have I heard the static electricity of lightening so clearly surging through the air.  It has been a phenomenal experience for these two storm lovers, who it seems are raising a Wee Man who is destined to love them as well.  He slept through the first rumblings of thunder this morning, and then was totally unfazed by the lightening flashes as we sat watching together this morning.  The only thing he didn’t like about the storm was the power went out and he couldn’t watch Lightening win a race as the lightening was striking!

This weather has gotten me to thinking though about how truly isolated we are up here.  We currently don’t have internet of our own, and use a shared community connection, there is absolutely no cell signal in town, and the land lines are unreliable at the best of times.  During the storms the feeling of isolation is intensified to a degree I didn’t think I would feel.  There is no driving to the store to get new groceries if the power goes out for a long period of time, there is no running to Grammies house in case of extreme disaster (my family’s survival plan for the Big Shake or any other major natural disaster based on how well stocked her pantry is!), we are here on our own making it through anything that comes our way.

The thing is, there is always the rainbow at the end of the storm.  It may be daunting getting through something like that on your own the first time, but then you are through you know you can do it, and you feel stronger.  Today’s rainbow is one that I needed more than ever.  I felt deep in my core my need for Kenny, his love, his strength, his presence in my life.  As we struggle adjusting to the new demands on each of us and our relationship that living this life provides, it is always nice to have a affirmation of how deep your love for that person really is.  So my hope for all of you over the next little while is that this finds you and re inspires your love for the special person in your life.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤

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