Slowing Down and Growing Up

There are a few things in life that I do slowly; waking up in the morning, baking bread, laundry (I sometimes neglect to get it out of the dryer in a timely manner), and probably a few others that I can’t think of right now.  So that being said, I am the type of person who likes to start a job and get it done quickly.  That my friends is where the struggle begins.  We are starting to potty train Wee Man, and that it turns out is going to be a slow process.  Things were going great, we have a seat for him to use on the big potty and he loved it.  Then he started to get frustrated, he couldn’t get to the potty on his own, Mommy or Daddy needed to help him both up the stairs and on to the potty, diapers were quicker and easier.  So we decided to get him a little potty seat (so not what I wanted to do 😦 ) and see if that helped move things forward.  Well we like to sit on our new potty, and carry it all around the house, and take it apart, but we don’t like to pee on it very often, or poo on it at all.  You can imagine how frustrating this is for a quick moving Mommy who is ready to stop washing diapers.  I feel as though there is more cleaning involved in potty training than there was in diapers!  That being said we are plodding along at our slow and steady pace and getting better at peeing in the potty (mini marshmallows are helping that along!), as long as Cars is not on!


3 thoughts on “Slowing Down and Growing Up

  1. Is he two yet? It’s hard to tell his age with your posts (read one that said he was one). Not that I am anyone to listen to 😉 but maybe take the potty he’s trudging around with away for and go low stress for a week or so. Reintroduce with the rule it has to stay put and only mommy or daddy can move it. If he’s not able follow simple commands (hate that word) like that, he probably isn’t ready yet. I was blessed with my first fully trained at two years, the next two were stubborn 😉 Great photo’s and a nice life for your little family.


    1. Thanks Laurie, I didn’t even think of taking it away and re-introducing. He is only 15 months old now and I knew we were trying early but he was showing interest and hating diapers changes so much we figured why not give it a go?! That being said, since he recently decided (just this morning!) that diapers aren’t so bad I haven’t gotten bruised during a change yet 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

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      1. Ahh ♥ He is an adorable little peanut! My oldest son (I have three now 27, 26 & 22!) seemed quite interested in the potty early too. I was the youngest and never around toddler (I babysat infants or prek up). I went back and forth a bit, especially when my second son came along and I had two in cloth diapers. My oldest as complete potty trained before he as two, second was about 2-1/2 but still had to get him up at night. Third was similar. ~ I remember those diapering struggles. How those days can seem to drag on – but trust me, they are really over in a blink of an eye. – Enjoying your blog. Have a good week.


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