Reaching Out to The World

I am truly enjoying my blogging fundamentals course, allowing me to reach out further into the world from my little nook on the West Coast.  That being said I have had trouble with Day Four: Identify Your Audience.  I started writing this with one audience in mind, my family in friends.  Writing for people who already know me, who know my family, who love us.  As I contemplated how to write a post that identifies my audience beyond them I didn’t know who in the world I was actually trying to speak to, and then it hit me, I am trying to speak to anyone in the world who for the brief moment of their lives wants to be a part of our little family.  We are not perfect, we are continually growing and changing, but we are full of love.  We love our new little town, we love each other, we love everyone back home, and we love all who choose to visit us here.


So grab a warm cookie and a cup of tea, and join us by the fire as we remember our rainy day adventures in Ocean Falls, BC.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤


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