Logistics of Our Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about the logistics of our life here in Ocean Falls lately.  Maybe it’s because whenever we talk to someone back home they always ask about it in one way or another, or maybe it’s that everyone here genuinely cares that we are figuring out what ‘method’ works for us.  I’m not sure, but I thought I would share with you all how we make it work here.

The first step was realizing that we weren’t just moving house, we were starting a home from nothing.  We didn’t have much in the way of anything with me having gone from University to living in Scotland with Daddy, to all of us living with Grammie and Grand-Paaaa in Campbell River after Mommy and Daddy (well you too Wee Man, though you were still in Mommy’s tummy!) moved back to Canada.  The thing about Ocean Falls that made this much easier is all the houses here are furnished!  It costs so much to get things in and out here, that most people when they left after the mill shut down sold their houses with everything included.  So we are renting a house fully furnished right out of the 80’s (seriously we still have all the Prevention Magazine’s from 1984/1985 on the book shelf!), no need to acquire or move furniture.

The next part of nothing was knowing that the luck in finding a furnished house would not follow to full cupboards.  This was the big one.  Not only were we shopping for all that is needed to start your cupboards, spices, flour, oil, vinegar, you know the basics that are needed to make just about anything, but we were also shopping for three months worth of the non-basics that make your cupboards fun, granola bars, cereal, soups, mac n’ cheese, crackers, etc.  This shopping is what took a lot of planning and coordinating.  Mommy started early and shopped the sales.  I would go into the stores a few times a week to see what was on sale, take advantage of limited number sales multiple times, and watch certain items just hoping they were going to go on sale.  There were also three or four big Costco trips with Gigi and Papa G to buy in bulk.

All in all when you look at the pictures of our car loaded up ready to go, most of that is food!  We had also started sending food in with Daddy when he would come to work, so some things were already here waiting for us.

That took care of the dry goods, the stuff that won’t go bad, but there is all of our fresh food.  We got a lot of frozen fruit and vegetables, which as a bonus make meals easier for Wee Man, Mommy will run the pre-sliced fruit under hot water to slightly thaw it and then just give him the chunks, or quickly microwave some veggies and boom he’s ready to eat them!  There are a few things though that I can not do frozen, carrots for one, yougurt doesn’t freeze so well, and neither do peppers.  These few things we luck out with as Kenny’s co-workers grocery shop for their week’s food just before flying in so we sometimes send them a list and they will pick it up for us, then we send them an e-transfer.  Modern technology making life easier!

We have had a couple of bumps in the road, Wee Man eats way more now then he did when we left, we used way more salsa then I ever thought possible, and a few forgotten items.  These things Grammie was kind enough to pick up for us and take to the warehouse in Campbell River for Daddy’s work as there was a barge coming up that had space we didn’t have to pay shipping costs!  This is also when Wee Man’s crib came in.  He had been sleeping in his playpen up until this point as we didn’t want to bring in anything too big before we knew for sure that we would like the life here and want to stay.

So my plan for the future?  Anytime we go to visit family, we will also be going to fill the car with groceries to get us through the next few months until we are out again.  I may have to re-think this strategy (I’m not sure if I would make it out on the ferry in a winter storm. . .), but for now it seems to be working for us.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤


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