Link Lake; A Family Evening Adventure

One of Daddy’s coworkers graciously agreed to take our little family up to Link Lake one evening a couple weeks ago.  We were all so excited (okay Mommy and Daddy were excited Wee Man had no clue what was going on!), so Mommy packed up the cooler with hot dogs and bannock, drinks, and a few other treats, while Daddy packed up his fishing rod, and Wee Man carried around his life jacket like a prize.  We got all our loot in the car, along with the three of us (a somewhat easy task after how full we had Belle a week previous!), and headed up to the lake.  Mommy and Daddy were so excited to be taking Wee Man on his first boat ride on such a beautiful evening.  We got to the lake, moved all of the loot over to the boat, strapped Wee Man into his life jacket (he wasn’t so sure how wonderful a prize it was anymore), and headed off to find ‘the’ picnic place.  Daddy had been here before during the fishing derby at work.

Mommy and Wee Man ready to set sail!

What a joy riding in a boat was!  Wee Man could not get enough, he kept trying to help drive the boat (don’t worry we let him think that playing with the tie lines was helping drive the boat!), trying to climb up on the bow to really feel the wind in his face, and as always trying to wander around.

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We got to the beach (what was left of it as all the rains had raised the water levels since the last time Daddy had been there), got a fire going, and Daddy got out his fishing rod.  As Daddy fished Mommy tired (without success) to keep Wee Man out of the water and fire.  First we had to finish getting the boat to shore for Daddy, then we had to try fishing for our self (we found a stick and were pretending to cast!), and then we decided we just needed to get further and further into the water.  We taught Mommy so big important lessons that night;

  1. Always make sure you have a towel with you when you know you will be near water
  2. When packing the diaper bag, make sure you actually put the extra diapers back in
  3. Grab a swim diaper from the car for when we are around water
  4. Always always always have a full set of spare clothes!  (Wee Man never really did the giant pop blow out in public when he was small so I kind of stopped packing around all the extra crap I thought I didn’t need. . .)

After we were all dried off Mommy started cooking our hot dogs and bannock over the fire.  This went over so well, especially once the one fish caught took multiple fire dives and became a sticky lump of char, Daddy had so many hot dogs and Wee Man loved his first bannock.  Then Mommy cooked just bannock over the fire and pulled out her special surprise, cinnamon sugar, boy did Wee Man and Daddy love love love that!  Pretty quick after that it was time to pack up our full bellies and smiling faces and head home.

It wasn’t a long adventure, but by far it has been one of the most memorable evenings of our time here so far in Ocean Falls.  The place where it is not just a sense of being alone, but truly being alone once you are out exploring.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤


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