The trip that took Forever!

The best place to start is the beginning right?  So why Ocean Falls?  Well the simple answer is we wanted to be a full time family again.  We were tired of living the life of a camp family so we packed up some of our worldly possessions and what seemed like a literal ton of food and made our way to the edge of the wilderness.


Getting to Port Hardy was the easy part.  We had made the trip before with Wee Man a couple of times so I was prepared with all the essentials needed for that leg.  Toys, snacks, places to stop and get out and stretch our legs (change diapers!), were all in order and we made it to the ferry in good time.  That is when the fun really began.  I thought I had it under control for what to do with a very active one year old for the three plus hours we had to wait at the ferry before loading even started. -Note- The ferry requires you be there this early as this is a multiple destination ferry they have to be very organized about how they load cars.  We are not super eager crazies!


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We ended up spending most of our wait time pretending to drive the car, walking around to check out all the big trucks near by, and looking at the ferry we were about to get on.  Wee Man was done with all the snacks Mommy had packed as well by this point.  This lead to some interesting attempts to get at some of our packed food.  Finally it was time to load up, well so we thought.  We were to be the last on the boat, so here we were all ready to get on the boat, sitting waiting for over an hour as we watched countless RV’s try and reverse onto the ferry.

We were all so excited to finally be on the boat, we went right to the bathroom to deal with the mess we made waiting.  Then we made our way to the kids zone where we played and watched intently as Port Hardy and Vancouver Island faded from view.  As the excitement of being on the ferry died down, reality set in.  Mommy started to get motion sick, Wee Man realized he was stuck in one area, and Daddy just tried to keep everyone happy.  The reality of spending most of our night on a ferry was also a little daunting.  We had found a comfy enough area on the big boat, but we were getting off that boat at one in the morning and getting onto a small commuter ferry for the rest of the trip.


We made it to the change over in Bella Bella.  Then once we were on the little boat we were in the car until we got to our new house in Ocean Falls at six that morning.  There isn’t much to share about this part of the trip, Wee Man was comfy enough in his car seat, while Mommy and Daddy both had a broken sleep crammed into the front of the car.  We all made it in one piece, and Mommy and Daddy took turns napping on the couch for most of Sunday while Wee Man played excitedly with the toys that we had sent up earlier for him.

❤ With love ❤



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