Exploring our New Home Town

We are having so much fun exploring the place we are now calling home.  Ocean Falls has so much to offer, and we are only just scratching the surface.

We ventured out in the beautiful spring rain to find this gem just down the road from us one evening.  Martin River was full of so many wonderful surprises, and memories.  Wee Man walked his first bit of trail, and as always didn’t want to come home.


I guess we are now rain people!  Exploring on a sunny day was so much fun.  We took a wander around ‘town’ to see what we could see.

The town is a field of daisies right now, and a beautiful site to see.  Wee Man had so much fun wandering around, and kept Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  He thought he could just go where ever his little heart desired, but alas young one, this is not so.  We had so much fun looking around, trying to guess what once was, eating salmon berries off the bush, and laughing.  There really is nothing better than family time with my two boys.  Throw in a beautiful setting like this, and can you really ask for anything more?

❤ With Love ❤



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