Link Lake; A Family Evening Adventure

One of Daddy’s coworkers graciously agreed to take our little family up to Link Lake one evening a couple weeks ago.  We were all so excited (okay Mommy and Daddy were excited Wee Man had no clue what was going on!), so Mommy packed up the cooler with hot dogs and bannock, drinks, and a few other treats, while Daddy packed up his fishing rod, and Wee Man carried around his life jacket like a prize.  We got all our loot in the car, along with the three of us (a somewhat easy task after how full we had Belle a week previous!), and headed up to the lake.  Mommy and Daddy were so excited to be taking Wee Man on his first boat ride on such a beautiful evening.  We got to the lake, moved all of the loot over to the boat, strapped Wee Man into his life jacket (he wasn’t so sure how wonderful a prize it was anymore), and headed off to find ‘the’ picnic place.  Daddy had been here before during the fishing derby at work.

Mommy and Wee Man ready to set sail!

What a joy riding in a boat was!  Wee Man could not get enough, he kept trying to help drive the boat (don’t worry we let him think that playing with the tie lines was helping drive the boat!), trying to climb up on the bow to really feel the wind in his face, and as always trying to wander around.

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We got to the beach (what was left of it as all the rains had raised the water levels since the last time Daddy had been there), got a fire going, and Daddy got out his fishing rod.  As Daddy fished Mommy tired (without success) to keep Wee Man out of the water and fire.  First we had to finish getting the boat to shore for Daddy, then we had to try fishing for our self (we found a stick and were pretending to cast!), and then we decided we just needed to get further and further into the water.  We taught Mommy so big important lessons that night;

  1. Always make sure you have a towel with you when you know you will be near water
  2. When packing the diaper bag, make sure you actually put the extra diapers back in
  3. Grab a swim diaper from the car for when we are around water
  4. Always always always have a full set of spare clothes!  (Wee Man never really did the giant pop blow out in public when he was small so I kind of stopped packing around all the extra crap I thought I didn’t need. . .)

After we were all dried off Mommy started cooking our hot dogs and bannock over the fire.  This went over so well, especially once the one fish caught took multiple fire dives and became a sticky lump of char, Daddy had so many hot dogs and Wee Man loved his first bannock.  Then Mommy cooked just bannock over the fire and pulled out her special surprise, cinnamon sugar, boy did Wee Man and Daddy love love love that!  Pretty quick after that it was time to pack up our full bellies and smiling faces and head home.

It wasn’t a long adventure, but by far it has been one of the most memorable evenings of our time here so far in Ocean Falls.  The place where it is not just a sense of being alone, but truly being alone once you are out exploring.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤


Wandering away the Afternoon

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Lately Daddy has been on the late shift, so he doesn’t start work until 11 am! (Sounds lucky, but it means he doesn’t get off work until 10 pm 😦 )  Mommy and Wee Man have been taking advantage of this late start and getting a ride into town with Daddy when he goes to work.  We play at the gazebo, have a picnic lunch, and then when Wee Man is ready for his nap Mommy straps him into his stroller and goes for a walk.  Sometimes we wander around town looking at things, sometimes we just get on the road home, every time is a new adventure.

Dear Grammie

I accomplished something a week ago that I had only ever dreamed of.  I baked bread for my family.  Right from start to finish all on my own.  The sense of accomplishment went so much deeper than I ever could have imagined.  Here i was turning these otherwise simple ingredients into something that would sustain my family, working the dough from start to finish with my own hands.  I have been baking bread with you for years, for as long as I can remember.  Helping to measure out the flour, mixing it together, kneading the dough, but always just helping.  Now, here I am 30 and making bread on my own, for my own family.

The silky dough ready for it’s first rise of the day

I know now why you did it for all those years.  The satisfaction of feeling everything come together with the simplest tools (a wooden spoon, a bowl, and your hands).  The sweet smell of the yeast floating through the air all day long.  The ever so wonderful sound as you first cut into the first loaf.  All of these things I got to experience.  All of these things I have experienced with you for years, but this time was different.  This time there was something deeper, something more.  Wee Man was running around my feet and tugging at my pant leg all day wanting to know what Mommy was doing.  Seeing the light in his eyes as I showed him the dough, let him feel it, taste it.  I couldn’t help but think of you, doing the same thing for years with three little ones running around wanting your attention, wanting their share.  I felt the bonds of Motherhood over time in the stretchy fibers of the dough.  I felt more connected to you than I ever have, even though such a distance separates us.  It was that day, as I was kneading dough and separating it into loaves,  that I realized just how lucky I am to have a woman like you in my life, loving me, supporting me, teaching me.  Grammie you have taught me so much over the years in the most tender and patient way (I am sure I tried your patience on many occasions!), and always been there to answer any questions I may have.  It was through that wonderful dough that I knew for sure that you would always be.  No matter what, I hold all you have given me dear and know that through that knowledge you have not only helped to shape the woman I am today, but you will always be with me no matter what distance separates us at the time.  I am so proud to be your Granddaughter, and hope that I can continue to soak up your wisdom for many years to come.  I love you Grammie.

Finished product, fresh out of the oven.

With Love,

❤ Brea ❤





They Grow so Quickly

I have just put Wee Man down for his morning nap (a luxury I am not quite ready to give up!), and have been looking back through what I have put together here so far.  I was looking at the picture of the three of us all loaded up in Campbell River ready for the long journey to Ocean Falls, and couldn’t help but think of how much Wee Man has changed in these last three weeks.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but he seems to be loosing more and more baby each day.

His face seems to be thinning out, there is far less drool, and his eyes.  There is something in his eyes that to me (maybe it is just a Mommy sees what she wants thing) says that he is growing, that he is more self sufficient, developing into his own person.  He is no longer just a little Mommy or Daddy, but his own person.  Sure we still utter the phrase “I wonder who he gets that from?” in jest to each other, but there are parts of this little wonders personality that are developing that are truly unique to him.  It is a wonderful thing to be a part of, watching our Wee Man grow and develop at a rate so staggering we sometimes miss chunks of it until moments like this morning when we are looking back.  Today I am thankful for that moment, to see his development and be aloud the time to cherish it.

❤ With Love ❤



Confessions from a Stay at Home Mom

*Sometimes it’s good to know you are not alone with your unwashed hair, clean pj’s being an accomplishment, and feeling like your kitchen is a far cry from what used to pass as sanitary in your world.*

I know you think I wear yoga pants and athletic-T’s because I spend my days doing pilates while my kids practice Mozart on their harmonicas. But, I’m here to tell you, I wear them becau…

Source: Confessions from a Stay at Home Mom

Exploring our New Home Town

We are having so much fun exploring the place we are now calling home.  Ocean Falls has so much to offer, and we are only just scratching the surface.

We ventured out in the beautiful spring rain to find this gem just down the road from us one evening.  Martin River was full of so many wonderful surprises, and memories.  Wee Man walked his first bit of trail, and as always didn’t want to come home.


I guess we are now rain people!  Exploring on a sunny day was so much fun.  We took a wander around ‘town’ to see what we could see.

The town is a field of daisies right now, and a beautiful site to see.  Wee Man had so much fun wandering around, and kept Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  He thought he could just go where ever his little heart desired, but alas young one, this is not so.  We had so much fun looking around, trying to guess what once was, eating salmon berries off the bush, and laughing.  There really is nothing better than family time with my two boys.  Throw in a beautiful setting like this, and can you really ask for anything more?

❤ With Love ❤


The trip that took Forever!

The best place to start is the beginning right?  So why Ocean Falls?  Well the simple answer is we wanted to be a full time family again.  We were tired of living the life of a camp family so we packed up some of our worldly possessions and what seemed like a literal ton of food and made our way to the edge of the wilderness.


Getting to Port Hardy was the easy part.  We had made the trip before with Wee Man a couple of times so I was prepared with all the essentials needed for that leg.  Toys, snacks, places to stop and get out and stretch our legs (change diapers!), were all in order and we made it to the ferry in good time.  That is when the fun really began.  I thought I had it under control for what to do with a very active one year old for the three plus hours we had to wait at the ferry before loading even started. -Note- The ferry requires you be there this early as this is a multiple destination ferry they have to be very organized about how they load cars.  We are not super eager crazies!


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We ended up spending most of our wait time pretending to drive the car, walking around to check out all the big trucks near by, and looking at the ferry we were about to get on.  Wee Man was done with all the snacks Mommy had packed as well by this point.  This lead to some interesting attempts to get at some of our packed food.  Finally it was time to load up, well so we thought.  We were to be the last on the boat, so here we were all ready to get on the boat, sitting waiting for over an hour as we watched countless RV’s try and reverse onto the ferry.

We were all so excited to finally be on the boat, we went right to the bathroom to deal with the mess we made waiting.  Then we made our way to the kids zone where we played and watched intently as Port Hardy and Vancouver Island faded from view.  As the excitement of being on the ferry died down, reality set in.  Mommy started to get motion sick, Wee Man realized he was stuck in one area, and Daddy just tried to keep everyone happy.  The reality of spending most of our night on a ferry was also a little daunting.  We had found a comfy enough area on the big boat, but we were getting off that boat at one in the morning and getting onto a small commuter ferry for the rest of the trip.


We made it to the change over in Bella Bella.  Then once we were on the little boat we were in the car until we got to our new house in Ocean Falls at six that morning.  There isn’t much to share about this part of the trip, Wee Man was comfy enough in his car seat, while Mommy and Daddy both had a broken sleep crammed into the front of the car.  We all made it in one piece, and Mommy and Daddy took turns napping on the couch for most of Sunday while Wee Man played excitedly with the toys that we had sent up earlier for him.

❤ With love ❤